Spring Promo!

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Planning a trip this Spring? PointsHound is offering an extra 1,000 point bonus on any 3 night+ hotel booking made by April 1, 2014 when you try out our FREE  premium concierge service.

Here’s how it works:

1. Book any hotel, anywhere in the world, for 3 nights or more by April 1, 2014

2.  The day before your arrival at the hotel, our Concierge Team will send you an email asking for your specific room preferences

PointsHound Concierge Service - 1

3. Respond to the email and we’ll contact the hotel on your behalf, get your room assignment, and make sure you’re all checked in when you arrive!

PointsHound Concierge Service - 2

By taking advantage of this new service, you’ll get 1,000 extra points as well as personalized hotel stay negotiated by hospitality industry insiders who know how to get guests the best rooms.

Check it out today and see how much you can earn on your next hotel!

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