Introducing PointsHound “Double Up” Rates — Earn Airline Miles & Hotel Points on the Same Hotel Booking! 1

Double UpWe’re excited to announce a major expansion of our Double Up hotel booking program, exclusive to PointsHound!

Travel Codex did a very thorough analysis of the beta launch and after several months of successful testing, we’re expanding the program to over 3,500 U.S. chain hotel properties. What does that mean? PointsHound members now have the option to Double Up in over 100 U.S. cities, from major metros to college towns, each with an average of 15 Double Up eligible hotels.


We created the Double Up product based on feedback from early PointsHound adopters, like Gary Leff and the Pizzaman, who have strong affinities with their hotel loyalty programs and need certainty that reservations booked on PointsHound will qualify toward their elite status.

If you also value hotel status and frequent guest points in addition to frequent flyer miles, here’s what you need to know about Double Up rates:

What is a Double Up Rate?

Double Up refers to a specific rate type that gives members of major hotel loyalty programs the opportunity to earn frequent guest points, status credit and elite benefits in addition to the frequent flyer miles awarded by PointsHound.

For example, if you’re a member of Hyatt’s Gold Passport program, we can now guarantee you’ll earn Gold Passport points and credit towards requalifying for elite status in addition to earning the airline currency of your choice when you book a Double Up rate on PointsHound.

How do I Double Up?

When you search for hotels in top U.S. destinations, look out for search results tagged with the Double Up icon. We offer Double Up rates at most hotel brands that participate in the following Frequent Guest Programs: Hyatt Gold Passport, Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards, Hilton HHonors and IHG Priority Club.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Login to your account with PointsHound.

2. Search for a hotel in a U.S. destination.

3. Look for hotel results tagged with a Double Up icon.

Double Up - 1

4. Click the “Select” button and click the Double Up tab on the following page.

Double Up - 2

5. Hit the “Book Now” button and complete your reservation on the checkout page.

6. Make sure to go to your My Account page and add your hotel loyalty program numbers- you can do this before or after you make your reservation, but do it before you start your stay!

Double Up - 3

Your hotel loyalty number will be on file with your reservation when you arrive at the hotel, but it’s always a good practice to confirm at check-in.

Double Up Rates versus Low Price Guarantee Rates

For all of the hotels where we offer Double Up eligible rates, we also offer our standard Low Price Guarantee rates as a booking option. As a reminder, the standard Low Price Guarantee rates on PointsHound are generally not eligible for earning points and status with most major Frequent Guest Programs, although enforcement of this policy varies by hotel chain and properties within chains.

Similarly, Double Up rates are not covered under our low price guarantee, although in most cases, the lowest-priced Double Up rate is the same (or close) to the lowest standard PointsHound rate at most hotels.

If you want to maximize your mileage earning, we recommend booking these Low Price Guarantee rates as they typically offer higher rates of mileage earning than Double Ups.

Doubling Up Outside the U.S.

Doubling Up on hotel bookings outside the U.S. presents some unique challenges, which we’re developing our software to address. We expect to offer our first batch of non-U.S. Double Up hotels by the end of this year.

Which other cities or hotel chains would you like to see included in our Double Up program? Leave suggestions in the comments section below and we’ll use your feedback to prioritize our next expansion of Double Up rates.

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